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Ralph B. Rogers Legacy Society

Include North Texas Public Broadcasting in Your Estate Plan

For many, a charitable bequest is a unique expression of appreciation for what public broadcasting brings to their lives and to the lives of others in our community. The thoughtfulness of many individuals who have made planned gifts to North Texas Public Broadcasting has helped sustain and grow public television and radio programs and services for over 50 years.

Public television and radio are a home for independent media that celebrates lifelong learning, inspiration, ideas, quality and integrity. Through your will or estate plan, you can name North Texas Public Broadcasting as the beneficiary of your estate or a portion of your estate. Your bequest provides an enduring legacy that will live on to uphold the standards of public broadcasting in our community for the benefit of others in the years to come.

Dr. Catalina E. Garcia“I felt it was important to make a bequest to KERA because of the tremendous educational aspect of the programming. Regardless what one watches or listens to, one’s knowledge of a subject has grown by the end of the program.

This is an educational investment in our community as a whole! Also, it is a localized investment in this country, which has given me the opportunity to become what I dreamed of as a 5-year-old.”

– Dr. Catalina E. Garcia


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    About Ralph B. Rogers

    Rogers“Unless we dream
    We shall never dare.
    Unless we dare,
    We shall never realize
    What we have dreamed.”

    Ralph B. Rogers

    The idea of a public broadcasting organization that would serve the people of North Texas began in 1955 when community leaders, educators and owners of commercial television stations endorsed a proposal to put KERA TV Channel 13 into operation as an educational station. Channel 13 began broadcasting in September 1960. Since that time, North Texas Public Broadcasting has evolved into one of the most dynamic public media organizations in the country.

    Dallas businessman and philanthropist Ralph B. Rogers (1909-1997) deserves particular recognition in founding, nurturing and expanding the educational mission of public broadcasting. His exceptional leadership on behalf of his hometown station, KERA, was matched by his outstanding contributions to public broadcasting nationally. During the 1960s, Ralph Rogers played an instrumental role in bringing together more than 200 independent educational stations under the umbrella of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

    He served as the very first chairman of the PBS Board of Governors from 1973 to 1979. He was also a founding trustee of the Children’s Television Workshop which developed Sesame Street. Journalist Bill Moyers concisely expressed the high esteem in which Mr. Rogers is remembered within the world of public broadcasting: “Ralph Rogers is one of my heroes. Without him, it is unlikely we would be here today.”

    Ralph Rogers and his wife, Mary Nell Coots Rogers (1914-2008), are recognized as people who truly made a difference in the lives of others, both here at home and across the nation. Their legacy lives on and continues to inspire others.

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    Types of Bequests

    Cash Bequest: North Texas Public Broadcasting receives a specific dollar amount from your estate.

    Bequests of Securities & Assets: North Texas Public Broadcasting would receive specific invested assets or is designated as the beneficiary of your IRA, qualified pension or profit-sharing plan. Bequests could include gifts of stock, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, retirement funds and life insurance.

    Residuary Bequest: North Texas Public Broadcasting receives a percentage of the financial worth of your estate.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your attorney or advisor to identify tax-wise ways to support North Texas Public Broadcasting’s not-for-profit educational mission. Please contact us directly for information or confidential help.

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    How To Make A Bequest

    The following is sample language for a bequest to North Texas Public Broadcasting:

    “I give ($_______ dollars, or _______ percent of the residue of my estate, or specific assets) as an unrestricted gift to North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc., a Texas 501(c) (3) educational organization (for its general purposes, or for the benefit of its programming).”

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    Benefits Of A Bequest

    The Best Benefit of All: Remembering North Texas Public Broadcasting in your estate plan is an expression of your values and a significant way to personally recognize the tremendous influence that North Texas Public Broadcasting’s programming and services have on enriching the lives of people in communities throughout North Texas.

    Federal Estate Tax Savings: An outright gift to North Texas Public Broadcasting from your estate, whatever the amount, carries federal estate tax benefits. Also, bequests generally are not subject to state inheritance or estate taxes. Please consult with your advisor for details.

    Named Opportunities: Please ask about named opportunities for facilities and programming initiatives. Your gift can be made in honor of another individual.


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